The history of our association ...


The cultural association "Friends of the castle Alfieri" was officially born on October 26, 1991.

We report about the article by Renato Penna: THE COUNTRY, Year16, No. 6, November-December 1991, p.6.

"Saturday, October 26 at 11am in the Council Chamber of City Hall has finally received its official baptism, enshrined in deed, the association " Friends of the castle Alfieri. "Godfathers illustrious body of the newborn were the top representatives of associations already operating in the area Maglianesi, the pastors of both parishes and many members of the municipal administration, to which the property belongs to the imposing century building. L 'Association, with regular status, aims to promote the recovery, preservation and conservation of the castle of the counts Alfieri, turning to that end the various forms of funding to make it again "symbol" is alive and present social reality Magliano. The building in fact, once restored, will be spent on various artistic and cultural initiatives that can foster the growth of the civilian population and also promote a more widespread knowledge of Magliano Alfieri, beyond the narrow circle of local boundaries
.The Association will have to engage first in a reasonably short time to complete the construction of the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions taking care of an intelligent control that also seeks the establishment of a center for studies of ethnographic and historical and archaeological heritage, which can function as a motor driving force for further research related to the museum. The focus of the "friends" should not be solely dedicated to the castle, but will expand to other buildings of considerable historic and artistic interest (rural chapels, votive pillars, palaces, houses, etc..) because the manner of Alfieri does not become a kind of foreign body in a really desolate, but the pride of a country that knows how to maintain its architectural integrity and do not look distorted. As you can see, therefore, the aims of the Association are many and to pursue them all with equal effectiveness has been an Executive Committee, headed by the President, divided into three distinct areas expertise: one for the recovery and functional restoration the castle, another specific for the Museum and a third for all the cultural activities and also to promote tourism.
Pending the election by the shareholders' meeting, the various charges contained in the Statute has been appointed temporarily to: Carlo Bag (Chairman), Alfonso Rava (Vice-President for the restoration), Antonio Adriano (Vice-President for the Museum), Patrick Port (Vice-President for cultural activities), Renato Cameran (Secretary) and Renato Penna (Treasurer), with a clear dominance in the representation of members of the municipal administration, reflecting the strong commitment in this important work of protection. But the Executive Committee should not be just the tip of the iceberg of a general movement of interest and affection towards the palace, which must cover all of Alfieri, Maglianesi and do not have to care about the fate of this magnificent monument and what it has represented by the "experienced" and our past generations. "

The founders of the Association : Carlo Sacchetto, Alfonso Rava, Patrizio Porta, Renato Castello, don Guido Davico, Ernesto Somano, Cesare Giudice, Pasqualino Cassinelli, Raffaele Traversa, Flavio Traversa, Antonio Adriano, Luigi Carosso, don Gian Franco Marengo, Renato Penna, Renato Cameran, Stefano Vablais, Walter Cagnasso, Giacomo Abellonio.

We were at the beginning, over the years, new young people have joined the Association Maglianesi keeping faith with initial commitments of documentation and protection of architectural heritage, artistic, historical, archaeological and landscape of the territory of Magliano, through initiatives carried out in collaboration with other Associations Maglianesi , Alba and Roero, and provincial agencies and institutions, regions and states. The archival material, partly cataloged, so far only partially ordered, was the subject of research for university students and scholars of popular culture farming in its various aspects.

Iscritta al Registro  regionale delle  organizzazioni  di  volontariato  nel  settore:  tutela e valorizzazione del  patrimonio  storico  e  artistico  Costituita  il  26/10/1991
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