The landscape of the theater

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The theater landscape

"The theater of the landscape" is the evocative name chosen for the new stage of cultural territory: the valuable work of Antonio Adriano joins the modern technologies and immersive simulations to renew the account of the environment and territory. The result is an interactive museum, in continuous dialogue with "his" room. An eye on the past, but look to the future of the territory crossed by the Tanaro

The museum, in short

The museum is spread on the main floor of the castle, next to the existing Museum of the Plasters. Dell'allestimento aim is to narrate, through emblematic and evocative culture objects and documents, and especially thanks to interactive multimedia systems, the hilly landscape and the river Langa and Roero.
In particular, the Museum aims to illustrate and critically investigate the recent period marked by deep and often disruptive changes that have disrupted the signs and rhythms constituent space-time that define the ethnic traits of the region of investigation. To do this, the project identifies some thematic areas around which to develop the story: the memory, the hills, the river, the stone, the conscience.
The exhibition allows the visitor to "dip" into the landscape making different time paths: for instance, can navigate the Tanaro in a scenario of the early twentieth century, when the river was populated by fishermen, ferrymen and maceration of hemp, walking between rows of a vineyard to understand its changes over time and how these affected the local landscape. But it will also go into the future, to see the effects that the choices in the economic, productive, constructive can determine the territory.



State of the art
The panel discussion with experts

The first step "official" was the "round table" conducted in 2008 by Daniela Formento, then Regional Director of Culture: it generated an exciting confrontation between experts of museum design, protecting the landscape, history and natural sciences. Among others they were present in Magliano Alfieri Raffestin Claude, one of the most influential geographers at European level, an honorary professor of the University of Geneva, Piercarlo Grimaldi, professor of cultural anthropology at the University of Wine and Food Sciences of Pollenzo, Bruno Vecchio, director of the Department Historical and Geographical Studies of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Florence, former curator of the Museum of the landscape of Castelnuovo Berardenga, Siena.

The reliance on Design

In 2008 the City Council of Magliano Alfieri identified in Design Srl - already involved in the creation of several other museums, among them the WiMu - Wine Museum in Barolo - the partners entrust the museum project, designed to enhance the castle and the existing collection, born from the research work carried out in the years Maglianesi Antonio Adriano together with friends of the Spontaneous Group.

The Scientific Committee

In January 2009 the first meeting of the Technical Committee: has been identified as coordinator Professor Piercarlo Grimaldi, professor of cultural anthropology at the University of Wine and Food Sciences of Pollenzo and friend of Antonio Adriano. The research group is then composed of Claude Raffestin, Paolo Debernardi, Diego World, Henry Rivella, Roberto Cavallo and Carlo bag. The Scientific Committee has prepared a study of content, presented in 2010 in its complete and final by Conception and on which were based the professionals responsible for the structural design and scenic.