«With shocking speed the agro-industry has built a mechanical-geometric landscape, sanded, free of any element of beauty and variety. Throughout its history the country has always been, as they experienced poets, by Hesiod in Pavese, a pool of symbols and aesthetic ideals, not scratched in the past by slow changes in agriculture. Small diverse fields, hedges and vines, shade trees and nests, trails that led to the fruit and wild flowers, huts and masts protective affecting the world, gave way to the hard work of men. If we think of the mythic resonance of so many words Pavese sprouting from the earth (the field, the grass, vines, etc..), we see even more than by the dissolution of the old world peasant society has lost much of the traditional heritage of symbols . And the symbols are not only deep meanings, but forces, radical metaphors flowing along the wavy lines of life and death.
Today more than ever appropriate to relearn what the farmer already "archaic" and "savages"knew: that the life of the tree, the butterfly, or the source of the swallow is also the life of man. E 'with these resolutions, which has maintained an active Antonio Adriano signs aesthetic and historic character in his small plot of land around the cabin of Bosco High in Magliano Alfieri, the memory of an agricultural landscape that was "the work of the fathers who have patiently engineered in centuries, "because" seek and defend the sense of beauty to capture the inner soul of the place is, ultimately, to fight for life and liberty. " And over the years this place has witnessed field parties of the Christmas novena, walks "literary", songs and meditations with friends.

The association "Friends of the Castle Alfieri" in 2006 he received the message and Adriano made his intentions to defend their land from the dangers that small of anonymity and loss of blood. Anyone who wants to, can reach the cabin of the High Forest with a short walk that winds through woods and crops.

The hut of the forest


The itinerary

Starting from the square of the castle of Magliano Alfieri, Alfieri Kindergarten and you walk away via Cesare Battisti until a century old cypress (throat), which grows with the number 43. From here you can walk down a dirt path while keeping the comfortable left and soon will emerge some massive beds of gypsum. When you reach the road you leave on your left and descend to the right to a paved road to the cemetery again Magliano, alongside the cemetery, continue on for a short distance and come to a bridge over a river, turn again right. The dirt, the top straight, then goes on climbing up to the cabin, located on the left edge of the route: you can stop there and let influenced by the pulsating life intact in its varied forms.  

Chrismass at the hut.
Snack on the lawn.
The musicians of the Gruppo spontaneo maglianese.
Last conversations around the campfire.
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